Arctic Paper Grycksbo


Arctic Paper Grycksbo AB is situated close to the city of Falun in a beautiful part of Sweden called Dalarna. The history of Grycksbo Paper Mill goes back to 1740, when Johan Munktell was granted a royal charter to build a paper mill, and started paper production the following year with a half-dozen hand papermakers. About 100 years later, in 1836, the first paper machine came to Grycksbo.

The Dalecarlian horse has been around for 350 years, originally made by lumberjacks during long dark winter evenings. For them, the horse was an icon of strength, reliability and faithful companionship. The characteristic flowery pattern was however not introduced until the mid-18th century. 

The horse is the No.1 Swedish souvenir and a symbol of quality craftsmanship. In the graphical industry, the horse is associated with G-Print.

The horse speaks of the heart and soul of our origin. The Dalecarlian horse embodies a cultural and industrial heritage that we are proud to be part of. It features an irresistible combination of simplification and imagination. And it says something about our products, G-Print. It’s a workhorse, papers that are tough and strong, enduring and reliable.