Munken Cube

Wave, Dune, Helix

The Munken Cube is sculpture, working tool and source of inspiration all in one. The form is pure at the same time flexible and consists of a monumental stack of Munken paper and a base of solid oak.

The German premium furniture design brand E15 and natural paper manufacturer Arctic Paper present a pure yet fascinatingly versatile design object. The same view on quality and materiality as well as their semblance on product philosophy are reasons for the sympathetic approach and cooperation of the two companies.

The result of the successful cooperation is multifaceted: a deformable concept furniture, sculpture and working tool for free-thinkers – the Munken Cube has many faces and talents. You can view and enjoy it as a pure form of wood and paper. You can utilise it as a table to immediately note your best ideas. Or you use the possibilities to individually shape the Munken Cube by hand according to mood and inspiration: to a wave, dune or helix…

These properties are possible due to its special design from wood and natural paper. From a 6 cm thick solid oak base by E15 “grow” 2200 sheets of high quality 120 g Munken paper to form a 43 cm high pad whose shape can be twisted and deformed. The one-sided glueing of the paper ensures that the Munken Cube retains its form and that every sheet can be detached from the stack.

Sketch of the Munken Cube

Height: 50 cm
Length, Width: 33 cm x 33 cm
Paper: Munken Pure Rough, 120 g/m2 (2.200 Sheet)
Base: European oak, lacquered
Weight: 45 kg
Concept: JUNO